About Us

About Us:

Loss of a loved one is the hardest thing to bear in life. The family and the persons associated with the deceased face a lot of trauma. At that moment if you are busy in arranging the funeral services, then it can be very hectic for you.

The Funeral Services understands this dilemma of yours and we offer you all the Funeral services, so you can stay with your family. We provide the Funeral service as you wish for.

The Services we provide includes:

  1. Coffins and Caskets
  2. Green Funeral Services
  3. Cremation or Burial
  4. Hearse, ambulance and vehicles for all
  5. Floral Decoration and Receptions
  6. Eulogy addresses
  7. Professional Funeral Directors
  8. Stone Massonary
  9. Funeral Plans and legal Services
Funeral Services

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